TYPE: Institutional/Not-for-Profit

LOCATION: West Haven, CT

SIZE: 75,000 SF


  • LED Lighting (Exterior/Interior)

  • High Efficiency Gas/Electric Rooftop Units

  • Upgraded Energy Management System

  • Automated Boiler Set-Back Control

  • Daylight Harvesting & Heat Gain Controls

  • Water Conservation Plumbing Fixtures

Vertical Church, located in West Haven, Connecticut, is a multigenerational and multicultural church with a robust offering of programs that enriches the lives on its constituency.  Services are attended by more than a thousand people every week. Their vibrant theatrical productions and musically rich programs are simulcast to an ever growing audience. 

Vertical Church renovated their common areas and sanctuary to create more inviting spaces that reflect hospitality and warmth, while incorporating energy upgrades to showcase their commitment to environmental stewardship. Their clean energy retrofit improves occupant comfort, reduces operational expenses, and decreases the carbon footprint of the enterprise.

Energy and water efficiency measures included installation of high-efficiency gas/electric heating and cooling rooftop units, a comprehensive LED lighting retrofit (about 473 fixtures), energy controls for the boiler, automated plumbing fixtures, as well as an upgrade to the building energy management system.  This will allow for dynamic operation of buildings systems to better respond to occupant and weather conditions.  It will allow for set-back controls for unoccupied periods and remote access to HVAC controls.  Floor to ceiling windows and skylights fill the space with natural light and have double layered shades to reduce heat gain.


The upgrades meet or exceed EnergyStar criteria and received a “comprehensive” energy incentive from United Illuminating (UI).

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