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What We Do

Site Acquisition.png
Windermere Projects Tile

Planning & Implementation

  • Feasibility & Budgeting

  • Energy Infrastructure

  • Competitive Procurement (RFP)

New Canaan Projects Tile

Windermere on the Lake

Development of 78-acre, 28 home, conservation community

Town of New Canaan

Muti-building RFPs townwide infrastructure planning

Comprehensive Solutions.png

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Our Multi-Measure Approach Optimizes Utility Incentives & Maximizes Savings


The Foote School

LED lighting, HVAC controls, insulation, window tint, etc.

School Sisters of Notre Dame

LED lighting, boilers, heat destratification, solar, etc.

Energy Infrastructure.png
Earthplace Projects Tile

Operational Efficiency

  • Maintenance Optimization

  • Commodity Contracts

  • Measurement & Verification

Foote School Projects Tile Bright.png

Earthplace Nature Discovery

Ambitious energy retrofit to address deferred maintenance

The Foote School

Consolidated all 11 buildings

into one maintenance agreement

Planning & Implemetation
Comprehesive Solutions
Adaptive Reuse.png
Cumbria House Projects Tile

Environmental Stewardship

  • Portfolio Decarbonization

  • ESG Services

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Quinnipiac Earth Day Fair Speaker, Mark H. Robbins, MHR Development 2.JPG

Cumbria House, Windermere

First LEED certified house of

its size in the Northeast

Corp. Social Responsibility

Development of educational 

and promotional collateral

How We Do It

Sustainable Site Planning.png
Windermere Projects Tile

Green Building

  • Planning & Development

  • High Performance Design

  • Local & Regulatory Approvals

Salisbury Solar Install.19c.jpg

Windermere on the Lake

Conservation community

with habitat management

Salisbury Congregational

Solar and roof applications to local historic commission

Operational Efficiency
Environmental Stewardship
Green Building
Water Conservation.png
Clocktower Exterior Edit.png

Resource Conservation

  • Energy & Water Conservation

  • Advanced Controls

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Systems

Earthplace Projects Tile

Clocktower Close

Energy retrofit to reduce electric and natural gas consumption

Earthplace Nature Discovery

Energy efficiency upgrades to offset electric and oil usage

Distrubited Generation.png
ToNC Solar & CHP.jpg

Clean & Renewable Energy

  • Solar PV & Geothermal

  • Natural Gas Conversions

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Ground-Mount & Rooftop Solar.png

Town of New Canaan

Nine solar systems and five

CHP / cogeneration systems

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Two solar systems (157 kW), est. 200,000 kWh annual production

Resource Conservation
Clean / Renewable Energy
Funding & Incentives
Cost Reduction.png

Funding & Incentives

  • Power Purchase Agreements

  • Federal & Utility Rebates

  • Environmental Credits

The Foote School

Over $100,000 in 

utility incentives

Wilton Public Schools

Secured PPA rates of approximately $0.022 / kWh

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