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South School Front
South School Front.02
South School Solar PV

TYPE: Educational

LOCATION: New Canaan, CT

SOLAR SIZE: 305 kW system


  • Grid-tied solar system

  • 783 solar panels, 395 Watt modules

  • Year 1 system production: 395,000 kWh

  • Equals the same amount of energy as 55 US homes

  • 221,000 lbs of GHG emissions avoided

MHR has been working with the Town of New Canaan and New Canaan Public Schools to develop a comprehensive energy efficiency program, beginning with the implementation of solar systems on multiple buildings.

MHR conducted a portfolio review and solar feasibility assessment for New Canaan Public Schools.  Services included: rate tariff analysis, securing zero-emission renewable energy credits (ZRECs), development and solicitation of a request for proposal (RFP), and initial system implementation.


MHR secured ZRECs to facilitate phased implementation of over 1 MW of solar PV installations on four schools, including New Canaan High School, Saxe Middle School, East Elementary School and South Elementary School.

The multi-school solar implementation plan began at South Elementary School, immediately following installation of a new solar-ready roof. The system will provide nearly all the power required by the school on an average annual basis.  The solar system alone will save the school over $1,000,000 over the next 20 years. Along with the conversion to natural gas and recently installed LED lighting, this public school is approaching net-zero with respect to total grid-supplied energy.

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