TYPE: Educational

LOCATION: New Canaan, CT

SIZE: 305 kW


  • Grid-tied solar system

  • 783 solar panels, 395 Watt modules

  • Year 1 system production: 395,000 kWh

  • Equals the same amount of energy as 55 US homes

  • 221,000 lbs of GHG emissions avoided

MHR has been working with the Town of New Canaan and New Canaan Public Schools to develop a comprehensive energy efficiency program, beginning with the implementation of solar systems on multiple buildings.

MHR secured RECs for New Canaan Public Schools to facilitate over 1 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations on four schools.  The multi-school plan began with South Elementary School, where a new solar-ready roof was installed along with a 305 kW solar system, using 395 Watt modules, that will provide almost all of the power required by the school on an average annual basis.  The solar system alone will save the school over $50,000 / year for the next 20 years.  Along with the conversion to natural gas and recently installed LED lighting this public school is approaching net-zero with respect to total required energy.

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