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TYPE: Industrial, Manufacturing

LOCATION: Columbia, CT

SIZE: 100,000 SF



  • Process Reengineering (PRIME)

  • LED Lighting (Interior/Exterior)

  • Cooling Water & Dry Cooler Controls

  • Space Heating Repairs & Controls

  • High-Efficiency Electric Motors & Laser Alignment

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Heat Treat Furnace Hot Zone Repair

Columbia Manufacturing Inc., established in 1980, is a critical supplier for Connecticut’s aerospace industry.  The 100,000 square foot facility provides CNC machining of components, sheet-metal, and machined fabrications for the aircraft industry.  They are the largest private employer in the town.  To maintain their competitive position in the market, CMI implemented a comprehensive plan to increase productivity, employee comfort, and reduce operating expenses.

Working with MHR Development and Eversource Energy, Columbia Manufacturing completed a multi-measure energy retrofit and process optimization training (PRIME) to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. This upgrade improved workforce productivity and increased employee comfort, while reducing energy costs by over $32,000.  The energy retrofits included power factor correction, LED lighting, high efficiency electric motors, space heating controls, and a refurbished hot zone for the heat treating furnace.

Columbia Manufacturing completed a multi-step Process Reengineering for Improved Manufacturing Efficiency (PRIME) program. This workforce re-training utilizes statistical analyses, lean manufacturing training, and kaizen training events for employees to eliminate potential waste, improve production efficiency, and reduce energy use and the environmental impact of manufacturing.

The implementation team included Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC), Earthlight Technologies, and Sixth Floor Consulting Group. This project received a “comprehensive” incentive from Eversource Energy, and has been featured in various energy efficiency publications. 

Columbia Manufacturing Inc. was pleased to participate in a multi-faceted energy project which allowed us to evaluate numerous possibilities for energy savings and to pick options which we felt would maximize our cost-savings and minimize our carbon footprint.

Kathryn Conlon


Columbia Manufacturing


The deep energy retrofit of Columbia Manufacturing and the management services of MHR have been featured in a publication for Energize CT

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