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Clocktower Norwalk
tower without powerlines

TYPE: Residential / Historic Preservation


SIZE: 161.16 kW


  • Two solar photovoltaic systems producing

       +/- 200,000 kWh / year

  • The solar system will supply 70% of the electricity required for the common building meters

  • The project will prevent 300,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually

  • Clocktower Close will remain connected to the electric grid and will benefit from net-metering – receiving a credit for any excess power produced during peak periods

  • Projected total cost savings: $900,000 over 25 years

Clocktower Close Condominiums is an honoree of Stamford's 2030 District 5th Annual Change Makers Award.

Project Award: Energy Efficiency Award / Historical Preservation

Clocktower Close, located at 25 Grand Street in Norwalk, CT, is a terrific example of sustainable housing.  Originally built as a hat factory in 1903, this architectural landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places of the City of Norwalk.  The building was preserved from demolition and converted into a residential community that now houses 132 loft-style apartments for over 200 residents. 


Clocktower Close showcases a successful adaptive reuse whereby this historical structure was protected from demolition and converted to housing.  The building now offers amenities of modern luxury apartments while maintaining the charm of its historic appearance.


On November 8, 2019, the building implemented a roof-mounted solar array.  Other recent energy efficiency improvements included installing high-efficiency condensing natural gas boilers along with a new water efficient cooling tower with variable speed circulation pumps.  With the recent addition of the 161.16 kW solar system, Clocktower Close is on its way to becoming net-zero with respect to the building’s common electric load.

Erica Bell, President of Clocktower Close, led the charge in collaboration with Richard Smeriglio, VP, Plaza Realty & Management Corp., the property manager for Clocktower Close. 

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